Chase Monthly Service Fees

Chase Monthly Service Fees start at $12 per month. If you have a balance of $1,500 the account is free. It’s also free if you have direct deposits of $500 or more.

Chase has 2 main types of accounts. A total checking account with monthly service fees of $12. They also have a premier checking account with monthly account fees of $25.

Chase Monthly Service Fees
Checking Account Fees at Chase Bank as of September 2016. According to their website, they have two main types of checking accounts.

#1. Chase Total Checking Account
A basic but popular checking account solution

Key Points

  • Minimum deposit to open: $25
  • Monthly service fee: $12 (but can be waived via a $500 direct deposit or maintaining a $1500 minimum daily balance or being a college student (under 23 years) or keeping an average daily minimum balance of $5,000 in qualifying linked deposits or investments)
  • Non-interest bearing account
  • No fee at thousands of Chase Bank Branches and ATMs
  • $2.50/transaction for all non-Chase Bank within the U.S.
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • $5/transaction for all non-Chase Bank ATMs outside the U.S.

#2. Chase Premier Checking Account
An interest-bearing checking solution with a raft of extra top-notch features.

Key Points

  • Minimum balance to open: $25 (plus) or $100.00 (Platinum account)
  • Monthly maintenance account fees: $25.00(plus; can be waived by maintaining a $15,000 daily balance in your account including qualifying investments and IRA) or $35(platinum; can be waived by keeping a minimum daily balance of $75,000 in qualifying deposits/investments).
  • No monthly fee on additional 2 Chase Bank checking accounts and savings accounts linked to your primary Premier Checking account.
  • Get more out of your everyday banking with an interest-bearing account and 4 free monthly withdrawals at non-Chase ATMs.
  • Free small (3”x5”) safe deposit box and 20% discount on a larger box.

About Chase & JP Morgan AccountsJPMorgan Chase (trading as Chase Bank) is a US bank that was formed following the 2000 merger between J.P. Morgan & Co. and Chase Manhattan Bank. It’s currently one of the Big Four North American banks along with Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. A subsidiary of financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase, Chase Bank is the largest US bank by assets, rakes in over $70 billion US dollars in revenue annually, and is also the sixth biggest bank in the world. With over 265,000 employees in 100 countries, Chase Bank operates more than 16,000 ATMs in 5,200 branches nationwide. Additionally, they have a vibrant mobile and online banking system. Much akin to the other big four banks, Chase Bank enjoys a nationwide presence which comes in handy if you travel a lot.
Chase Monthly Service Fees’s Editor’s Notes on Chase Monthly Service Fees:
We loved Chase Bank’s straightforward and easy to understand approach to checking account structure. The Total Checking account is popular amongst their customers particularly kids and college students. As you get older, however, and garner some qualifying investments and extra savings over $15000, their Premier Checking accounts are your best shot. Chase Bank has invested heavily in their reward programs and sign-up bonuses, making them a worthy choice to bank with.

Article: Chase Monthly Service Fees

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  1. I signed up for the Chase Total Checking account back in October when I moved to Texas for job-related purposes. I really wasn’t sure which bank to open an account with, but I received a promotional coupon from Chase in the mail just a few weeks after settling in Texas. Chase was offering a $125 credit for opening a Total Checking account. The coupon was very detailed in describing the terms of the credit agreement. Additionally, Chase was very clear about the requirements of the checking account, such as keep a monthly minimum of $1500 in the account, or having at least $500 direct deposited in the checking account to avoid the $12 monthly service fee. I have been very pleased with my decision of opening up the Chase Total Checking account.

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